Wednesday, October 29, 2014

lovely leggings for lovely girl in less than 1 hour!

yes it is possible to sew a pair of legging in less than 1 hour.

I did it and so do you.

As i said before I'm a big fan of recycling, reusing and transforming the old into new, therefore  for this project you will need an old pair of your old leggings to be transformed into something new that your little girls will love wearing it.
Especially cuz its make with love by her mamma ;)

-old pair of legging
-sewing machine
-pair of your daughter leggings for tracing the pattern

Once you have that and a bit of imagination you are ready to create a wonderful pair of legging; ;)

Keep in mind that the more customization you do to them the more time you will spent making the leggings.

Trace the pattern on the old leggings using your little girl leggings.

Cut and repeat for the other leg.

Now you have two new legs

If there will be any applique or any other customization now its the time to do it, on the wrong side of the legging pin and sew all along the leg.

Repeat the action on both legs.

My Elna model its pretty awesome. Yes i'm proud to have it and use it. ;) There are little things that i cannot sew with it.
I used number 06 for stretchy fabrics and nr 11, the overlock stitch for a clean finish.

Repeat for both legs

Once both legs are finished its time to sew the crotch. One leg stays wrong side out and one leg to be turned right side out. the leg with the right side out goes inside the leg with the wrong side out.
Make sure that sewing lines match then pin and sew.

Cut the excess fabric, if any and then overlock. Once its finished you should have a brand new pair of legging for your little one ready to wear.

and tadaaaa!!!!!!

3 pairs of lovely leggings!

easy to do and cheap.

What did you do with your old legging?

How did you recycled them?

Share your ideas and projects with me.

Stay beautiful and healthy!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

cat eyes and a bit of selfie

I love make-up and its not a secret. I don't leave the house without make-up. Weather its just a bit of BB cream to even my complexion or something more sophisticated.

Some women, love to stick to their little rituals when it comes to beauty. There is a tendency to favor the same products for long periods of time, once they are tried and they become part of the make-up routine. Either we love to keep it simple, or create sophisticated looks everyday, we follow on the same steps every time, because we know they work just fine and why fix something if it ain’t broken, right? Well, not necessarily.

Some women love to experiment with new.

There’s nothing wrong with learning new tips and tricks from time to time or having fun experimenting with new products. Weather you learn new ways from from a professional or a girlfriend about how to highlight your best features and how to hide the little blemishes be open and enjoy it.

When it comes to extraordinary make-up, never underestimate the power of a flawless cat-eye. Aside from transforming even the most discreet routine, in an act of pure glamour, an inspired use of the eyeliner can instantly improve your entire appearance, by defining your eyes and making you eyelashes look way thicker.
You can use the cat-eyes as a focus point in both a delicate make-up routine, as well as in a more extravagant one. It works great for day, and for night, to build edgy looks, or to recreate beautiful vintage inspired ones.

Here are some little tips to help you achieve that flawless cat-eye make-up right from the start.
The best secret to a flawless make-up lies in the quality of the products you use. It’s not about the price tag (its true that the price tag plays a big role when buying), it’s not even about the brand, but about finding a compatible item that does the best possible job in helping you achieve the desired look.
The eyeliner must have great texture, strong color, resistance and an easy to handle brush.
Because the eyeliner is harder to control unless you’ve accumulated enough experience with it, it’s easier to start of the make-up process by using a waterproof pencil to trace the first line across your upper lashes. Using the liquid eyeliner as a second layer helps emphasize the color, and it also prevents the make-up from becoming messy, making the entire process a lot easier.
On your way to flaunting that flawless cat-eye make-up you might come across some small bumps, but don’t get discouraged. Nobody gets it perfect from the first try. So after you’ve finished tracing the desired shape, make sure the cat-eyes are even on both sides. An impeccable evenness it’s key to a perfect result. A little tip here would be that you can use a piece of scotch tape all along the end of your eye to create the inclination and the size of your cat eye.

And keep in mind that it’s always easier to add more liner, than to take it off. To get rid off the extra liner, use Q-tips dipped in make-up remover and delete gently.

What tips and tricks do you use to create flawless, sexy cat eyes?

Stay beautiful and healthy,

Monday, October 20, 2014

scary night!

MAMAAA!!! I'm bleeding

I was so tired that i don't even know how i heard her calling me, but i did.
You know, i was so deep into my sleep that and i don't even know how i managed to wake up.
I wasn't fully awake, more like half asleep and half scared of what i heard.
I stumbled off my bed and ran to the girls bedroom to find Inaya on the floor crying and scared and with blood running down from her nose into her mouth, and night gown and showing me Ted (her favorite teddy) and me trying to register what i was hearing and seeing;
she was so more upset seeing Ted with blood on him than seeing herself with blood.
Now that i think about i got so scared, but it was probably just because i was enjoying my sleep so something had to happen.
At the end of the day I'm thankful that its was only a nose bleed and nothing more serious than that.
I have a great husband. He is like my knight in the shining armour ready to save the day. he helped with cleaning her and getting her back to bed while i was calming her little sister.

Something like this can happen anytime to anyone. How did you react? 

I'm grateful and blessed with such a wonderful little family.

Stay healthy and beautiful,

hi everyone,

this is just a little note that i will resume the writing on this blog after such a long period.
its quite busy around here with two little ones running around, but i guess its about time to shake things off and share with you all my projects.

Stay beautiful and healthy.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Good morning everyone!

Man! last night was rough!

Was it a full moon or what? It was hard to put the girls to bed, hard to make them sleep and even harder to get through the night. I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Just got my coffee shot and hopefully it will get me through the day.
I feel like this since i woke up:

Have a nice day!


Stay healthy and beautiful!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Last week we did a bit of gardening. Nothing too scrumptious. But i have to say that this year my veggie garden looks better and we also made a spiral of aromatic plants close to the house this way is easy access. When we have a bit of breeze the scent of fresh mint and of fresh basil is carried in the house and you find yourself enveloped in this multitude of mixed aromas and all you want is to relax and enjoy, sometimes next to a glass of mojito, virgin one for those who don't consume alcohol.
Armed with shovels, and compost, and plants and tools and ready to go crazy. We lost our little helpers on the way to the veggie squares, too busy to play and jump around.

A while ago i saw this idea of aromatic plants spiral on a diy website, you can find it here  . I found it so cool that i told my hubby that we have to do it too. Its not the same as on the website.
We added the cardboard at the bottom.We used wood to create the spiral. We added compost inside the spiral.
We planted: lemongrass, chamomile, thyme, lemon thyme, pansies, oregano, basil, mint, flowers - to bring it a bit of colour
there it is:

 planted a yucca as well :)
Nice weather is back and i was able to take some lovely pictures of my veggie garden. Happy to share them with you.
As we are like rabbits, we love to eat fresh greens such as lettuce and salad, tomatoes and courgette we added them all to our veggie square. We all know that fresh veggies are good for our health and the more the merrier.
So happy to see that all of them are growing and soon we will start enjoying the results of our labour. yummy
I know two little girls who will munch on the cherry tomatoes, picking them right from the plant as soon as they are ready to be eaten.

Happy gardening!


Stay healthy and  beautiful :)