Monday, June 3, 2013

New year new baby.

It has been a crazy new year so far. New year new baby! Yeah! We've added one more addition to our family. Family is getting bigger and bigger and crazy days are ahead of us.
Here is Tyana, a beautiful little baby girl born 3 months ago on the 3rd of march 2013.

So far i love to:
- suck on my hands mommy's hands, daddy's hands, i love munch on my fingers because they are soft and yummy
- smile a lot to everybody and especially to mommy and daddy when they make silly faces
- being hugged and walked around so i can see and explore the world around me
- play a lot
- sleep too
- grabbing things and everything that is at close range especially mommy's hair
- talking is my expertise and i love to talk to the people that talk to me back

happy birthday and may you be happy, healthy and loved all your life.

love you "tiny" bug.

hugs and kisses,
your mama
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