Wednesday, September 18, 2013

little section!

starting kindergarden is always a happening of joy and happiness for kids that land into the unknown world with the satchel on his back, smiling face and a look of unbounded eagerness to a period of new knowledge, friends, songs and games. A teacher that welcomes them with opened arms. For parents, and here I'm mainly talking about those of us who were the center of their little world, it was only mommy and daddy into a close circle. its scary how fast she grows. First day at kindergarden she told us to go home acting like a little adult proving that being with other people it is not a problem for her. While other kids were clinging on their parents and crying cuz they didn't want to stay at the kindergarden our girl acted calmly coloring and playing with the toys, not bothered as if she has been doing this all her life. I felt pride because she was acting so mature and yet so scared because she no longer needed me.

so we left her there. I arrived at home just to let my tears run their course. 
PS:all went all and she loved it! 

love and kisses,
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