Sunday, October 20, 2013

Baby and the milestones!

This is something I wrote almost 2 months ago, but haven't had the chance to post it.
Happy birthday Bushka!

I have to add that tomorrow tyana will be 9 months and everyday she is showing all of us how fast she grows. Already able to stand on her own without any support, pushing and walking object that are easy to move around such as foot stool, small chair, trunki, kids table. She has so much strength and energy that at the end of the day I'm so exhausted that it feels like I'm the one doing all that pushing and moving around.
Clapping hands, opening and closing hands, asking to be taken in the arms and waving goodbye are few of the things she can do right now.

My Inaya is growing too, way too fast. Dressing herself, choosing the clothes on her own she has became a little fashionista. 

Got to go to sleep.
love, hugs and kisses


Tyana is now 7 month and 2 weeks and she can do plenty of stuff. And sometimes I wish she would just slow down a bit. She is growing way too fast

Tyana can do list:
Smile- She smiles a lot. She always has a smile to offer and I love her to bits.
Crawl- She can crawl on four.
Stand- She can pull herself up and stand next to a solid object, like a couch. She can stand holding herself with only one hand and sometimes she is not even doing that and only the gravitational force plus her own wait supported by object stops tyana from falling. But the experience of falling with the resulted bumps made her realize that the motion of pulling up has an opposite namely the descending which is quite safe so she has been perfecting that move too.
Talking about safe baby 90% of the cases, tyana supports herself when standing on unsteady objects such as rocking chair or footstool, and that will probably give me a heart attack soon as I always see her falling and getting hurt. I' m a bit paranoid about this, but, I guess what mother isn't.
She is fast when crawling.
Love for share- She loves her big sister very much. When Inaya is not around Tyana is looking for her.
Eating- She eats paper. Yep. If u lost your paper and cannot find it not worry it is in a safe place... in tyana's belly.
;) Note to me and to the visitors: do not leave your papers around they might disappear.
Being more serious, we've started solids and so far so good. She is a "gourmand".
She can feed herself. I guess my work is done!
Talking about eating I can honestly say that after all the paper munching she still finds some space in her little belly for some banana or anything else I give her. 
Drinking- She loves drinking water from a glass. Not a big fan of baby bottles though.
Grabing- She can grab tiny objects and move them from one hand to another. 
When you interdict her something She will give out to you with the associated slapping.
She is curios about the dogs and I guess that soon she will remove the gate that keeps the dogs away from the living room. Watch out Bugsy and Hayllee. Something new to munch on.

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