Saturday, March 29, 2014

my Italy outfit

As the title says it we pop up to Italy for a half day. This is a good opportunity to show you what i wore for our short little trip. Lately the weather has been really nice and sunny and this was a good occasion to start wearing lighter clothes and change from booties to shoes. Before we left home i decided to change my shoes.
I had this pink- peachy colour blouse for a while and this was a good occasion to wear it, first because i lost some weight and managed to squeeze in, and second because its light and floaty and i totally love the bow. I paired it with my favorite jeans by Mango and my gorgeous burgundy shoes by Zara.

Comme le titre l'indiquenous sommes alles en l'Italie pour une demi-journée. C'est une bonne occasion de vous montrer ce que je portais pour notre petit voyage. :)
Ces derniers jours, le temps a été très agréable et ensoleillé et il etait une bonne occasion de commencer à porter des vêtements plus légers et de changer de bottines pour chaussures.  Avant de quitter la maison, j'ai décidé de changer mes chaussures.
J'ai eu cette rose- pêche blouse pendant quelque annes et cela a été une bonne occasion de la porter, d'abord parce que j'ai perdu un peu de poids et je réussi à la mettre sur moi, et ensuite parce que il est flottant comme j'aime. J'ai couplé la blouse avec mes jeans préférés par Mango et mes magnifiques chaussures bordeaux par Zara.

 find the intruder if you can! :D

What I wore:
Leather jacket by Mango-  which i bought it on sales but you can find similar here
Shirt - Lightinthebox
Jeans by Mango-  they are my favorite ever - find them here
Shoes by Zara


Stay healthy and beautiful

to Italy and back!

Today we went to the market, in Italy, its like 30 km away from us.
There is an "everything" market where you can find everything from food to tools, to clothes and shoes.
The food you find there just makes you drool, the cheese, and spices and colourful pasta that looks so good that you almost feel bad to cook it.
There is a veggies market too.

Aujourd'hui, nous sommes allés au marché, en Italie, C'est à 30 km de nous.
Il est un "tout" marché où tu trouves à partir de la nourriture à des outils, des vêtements et des chaussures.
Les aliments que tu trouves la te fait juste baver, le fromage et les épices et pâtes colorées très très jolie et que tu sens mal à cuire.
Il y a aussi un marché de légumes frais.

 they look sexy good!


Like I mentioned: plenty of shoes. I haven't photographed them all. Just one stand. I am a shoe addict so it was very hard for me to resist not to buy those lovely green pumps that you can see in the far background. It looks like the woman from the picture is mesmerised by them too. :) I felt like i was doing window shopping, but this has been twice as hard to move away from them because there was no window between us to stop me. But I was strong enough to stop myself.  

Comme je l'ai dit: beaucoup de chaussures. Je ne les ai pas tous photographiés. Seulement un stand. Je suis un accro de chaussure, donc c'était très difficile pour moi de résister à ne pas acheter ces belles chaussure vertes que vous pouvez voir dans le fond a cote les bleus. Il me semble que la femme de la photo veux ces chaussure eux aussi. :)


Stay healthy and beautiful

Friday, March 28, 2014

BIG mess! ;)

This happened couple of days ago and i haven't had the chance to post it. ;) ;) ;)
Sun is shining, spring is here with the nice weather, we feel good and happy and ready to have MORE FUN!
And when i say having fun, i wasn't talking about jumping in the trampoline or play outside to enjoy the nice weather, i was talking about what you will see in the following pictures.
Don't worry! Its not a hurricane pass through my living room. It's just my girls! :) And I'm sure you mommies out there know exactly what I'm talking about.

Let me know about your big messy days :) (with pictures if you feel proud about it ;) )

Cela s'est passé il y a quelques jours et je n'ai pas eu la chance de le poster. ;) ;) ;)
Le soleil brille, le printemps est là avec le beau temps, nous nous sentons bien et heureux et prêt à avoir plus de FUN!
Et quand je dis s'amuser, je ne parlais pas de sauter dans le trampoline ou jouer à l'extérieur pour profiter du beau temps, je parlais de ce que vous verrez dans les images suivantes.
Ne vous inquiétez pas! Ce n'est pas un ouragan qui a traversé mon salon. C'est juste mes filles! :) Et je suis sûr que vous les mamans savez exactement de quoi je parle.

in the middle of it there is the daddy!

 lots of fun!


Stay healthy, happy and beautiful!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sleep training

We reached the BIG 1 year. Yay!

Between all the milestones that surprises us everyday we also have some major setbacks not so "enjoyable " , if you can call them like that. It happens when you sleep so good in your big cosy bed you hear the baby crying for you to wake up, to feed her or just to have a cuddle every night at the same hour like a Swiss clock not a minute late nor a minute earlier. And you are like: OK this could work, I can wake up 3 times per night at same time but then it escalates into every 2 hours and then into every hour and i feel like pulling my hair out.
I realized that my lovely little baby has sleep associations hence the waking up so often during the night. The sleep association would be me and my breasts. She developed this sleep association due to breastfeeding. She would wake up during the night and i would be there to comfort her.
Not to mention that i moved her in the same bedroom with my 4yr old and if it was fine at the beginning its not the case anymore.

The baby sleep website i founded really helpful. I read many helpful articles. Many advices from other parents that were going through the same baby sleep problems as we were. Love this website. With the help of many advises from this website I was able to train my old one to sleep on her own. Now I'm going back to the website because I'm training my little one to sleep on her own too.
I'm still breastfeeding her once a night. I will breastfeed her until she will wean herself out.

I'm not in any way imposing this website to anyone. I know there are so many resources on the web with relation to the baby sleep problems and what to do about it. 

17.03.2014 sleep training start

When I started sleep training Tyana she would wake up 6-9 times per night. I decided to move my 4 year old in my bedroom. So the three of us co sleep together. I didn't want her to suffer because her little sister wakes up so many times during the night.

 You need to be armed with tons of patience. As everybody would tell you, your baby needs you to guide her on how to sleep without her mommy's arms/breast.
During the first week of training, when Tyana would wake up I fed her only when I considered that she is hungry, based on when i last breastfed her. The rest I would only try to calm her down by offering her water and sing her a song. Of course it was not on her liking and she would cry and scream. But i tried my best to stay calm as much as possible.
Talking to her in a calming and soothing way. Explaining her as much as possible about where she needs to sleep and how good and safe her little bed is ;).

On the fifth day, of the first week of training i started to see improvement. She would still fight and cry but would wake up less - around 5-6 times per night. Breastfeeding only when i considered that she might be hungry. I gave water and sang songs for the rest of the times she woke up and try to calm her down.

During the weekend, 22-23.03.2014, i have seen more improvement. less waking up but just as much fighting.

I have to mention that i also applied the same technique for the naps. Here we have long way to go. Its so frustrating that she would just fight and fight and refuse to nap. But, hey i wont give up :)
For the morning nap, after almost 1 hour fighting, crying a bit , talking and playing a lot she would give up and sleep.
The after-noon nap is another matter.

That's it for now in the baby land.


Stay healthy and beautiful and especially ZEN

first outfit with my new booties

This casual outfit i wore it at a family birthday. Nothing major, just few family members and friends. All casual and relaxed.
I'm a beginner at taking pictures of my outfits so please have a bit of patience with me, but comments and constructive critic are more than welcome.

Shirt - Veromoda
Jeans- Mango high waisted jeans here
Shoes- my refashioned Zara boots


Stay healthy and beautiful

Monday, March 24, 2014

hello new you!

I'm a fan of re purposing and refashioning of most everything from clothing, shoes to furniture. Everything can be transformed and given a new life.
So i decided to give a new life to my old Zara boots. They have been hanging around at the back of the closet occupying space and gathering dust.

I bought these boots around 7 years ago and i still like them, but the style doesn't suit me anymore.
-seam ripper
-brown thread

I have decided to cut them at the seam situated right under the fold.
Once i ripped the seam, the result is more than pleasing as this is the right height that i was looking for for the booties.

Love love love them.

Let me know what you think and what is your latest refashioning.


Stay healthy and beautiful

Sunday, March 23, 2014

blonde ambition

It's crazy how the desire of becoming a blonde comes back over and over again. If in the past i only tried once to become blonde, and its been years since then, last night i decided that , that's it!
I'm doing it!
I'm getting my hair a blond. Everybody seems to say that the blonde girls have more fun so......
Will it suit me and my personality? don't know, i hope so though.

This is me as brunette :)
Being sick and not feeling well doesn't help very much. But because i have been so excited and i just really really wanted to make a change i decided to bleach my hair.
The end result i like it , but its not the expected blond.

I really don't mind the red ginger colour that resulted after my experiment. I actually like it!
This one was a good one. ;)


Stay beautiful and healthy!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

red shorts for summer

While going to a flea market here at Nice, France i found these gorgeous red shorts, a size to big for me but seeing that they were not worn and they looked new and of course 100% cotton i decided to buy then. The price couldn't be any more appalling as well - 2€ i said: "Damn I'll buy them".
As they were as long as a bermuda i decided to shorten them and make the waist a bit smaller to fit my size.
 I decided to remove around 4cm from the length for each leg. Measure from the bottom up, pin in place and cut.
At the back, i pinned in place 1 cm of fabric on each side of the main sewing line. At the end this will give a nice volume for the "derriere" ;)

All around the leg i folded the hem twice. Where the fabric was cut its folded inside and hold in place when being sewn.  

 ta daa! the end result. size smaller and shorter to show my legs.

It only need a good ironing and its ready for the summer.