Sunday, March 23, 2014

blonde ambition

It's crazy how the desire of becoming a blonde comes back over and over again. If in the past i only tried once to become blonde, and its been years since then, last night i decided that , that's it!
I'm doing it!
I'm getting my hair a blond. Everybody seems to say that the blonde girls have more fun so......
Will it suit me and my personality? don't know, i hope so though.

This is me as brunette :)
Being sick and not feeling well doesn't help very much. But because i have been so excited and i just really really wanted to make a change i decided to bleach my hair.
The end result i like it , but its not the expected blond.

I really don't mind the red ginger colour that resulted after my experiment. I actually like it!
This one was a good one. ;)


Stay beautiful and healthy!
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