Saturday, March 15, 2014

red shorts for summer

While going to a flea market here at Nice, France i found these gorgeous red shorts, a size to big for me but seeing that they were not worn and they looked new and of course 100% cotton i decided to buy then. The price couldn't be any more appalling as well - 2€ i said: "Damn I'll buy them".
As they were as long as a bermuda i decided to shorten them and make the waist a bit smaller to fit my size.
 I decided to remove around 4cm from the length for each leg. Measure from the bottom up, pin in place and cut.
At the back, i pinned in place 1 cm of fabric on each side of the main sewing line. At the end this will give a nice volume for the "derriere" ;)

All around the leg i folded the hem twice. Where the fabric was cut its folded inside and hold in place when being sewn.  

 ta daa! the end result. size smaller and shorter to show my legs.

It only need a good ironing and its ready for the summer.


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