Wednesday, October 29, 2014

lovely leggings for lovely girl in less than 1 hour!

yes it is possible to sew a pair of legging in less than 1 hour.

I did it and so do you.

As i said before I'm a big fan of recycling, reusing and transforming the old into new, therefore  for this project you will need an old pair of your old leggings to be transformed into something new that your little girls will love wearing it.
Especially cuz its make with love by her mamma ;)

-old pair of legging
-sewing machine
-pair of your daughter leggings for tracing the pattern

Once you have that and a bit of imagination you are ready to create a wonderful pair of legging; ;)

Keep in mind that the more customization you do to them the more time you will spent making the leggings.

Trace the pattern on the old leggings using your little girl leggings.

Cut and repeat for the other leg.

Now you have two new legs

If there will be any applique or any other customization now its the time to do it, on the wrong side of the legging pin and sew all along the leg.

Repeat the action on both legs.

My Elna model its pretty awesome. Yes i'm proud to have it and use it. ;) There are little things that i cannot sew with it.
I used number 06 for stretchy fabrics and nr 11, the overlock stitch for a clean finish.

Repeat for both legs

Once both legs are finished its time to sew the crotch. One leg stays wrong side out and one leg to be turned right side out. the leg with the right side out goes inside the leg with the wrong side out.
Make sure that sewing lines match then pin and sew.

Cut the excess fabric, if any and then overlock. Once its finished you should have a brand new pair of legging for your little one ready to wear.

and tadaaaa!!!!!!

3 pairs of lovely leggings!

easy to do and cheap.

What did you do with your old legging?

How did you recycled them?

Share your ideas and projects with me.

Stay beautiful and healthy!

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