Monday, October 20, 2014

scary night!

MAMAAA!!! I'm bleeding

I was so tired that i don't even know how i heard her calling me, but i did.
You know, i was so deep into my sleep that and i don't even know how i managed to wake up.
I wasn't fully awake, more like half asleep and half scared of what i heard.
I stumbled off my bed and ran to the girls bedroom to find Inaya on the floor crying and scared and with blood running down from her nose into her mouth, and night gown and showing me Ted (her favorite teddy) and me trying to register what i was hearing and seeing;
she was so more upset seeing Ted with blood on him than seeing herself with blood.
Now that i think about i got so scared, but it was probably just because i was enjoying my sleep so something had to happen.
At the end of the day I'm thankful that its was only a nose bleed and nothing more serious than that.
I have a great husband. He is like my knight in the shining armour ready to save the day. he helped with cleaning her and getting her back to bed while i was calming her little sister.

Something like this can happen anytime to anyone. How did you react? 

I'm grateful and blessed with such a wonderful little family.

Stay healthy and beautiful,

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