Monday, April 21, 2014


Last week we did a bit of gardening. Nothing too scrumptious. But i have to say that this year my veggie garden looks better and we also made a spiral of aromatic plants close to the house this way is easy access. When we have a bit of breeze the scent of fresh mint and of fresh basil is carried in the house and you find yourself enveloped in this multitude of mixed aromas and all you want is to relax and enjoy, sometimes next to a glass of mojito, virgin one for those who don't consume alcohol.
Armed with shovels, and compost, and plants and tools and ready to go crazy. We lost our little helpers on the way to the veggie squares, too busy to play and jump around.

A while ago i saw this idea of aromatic plants spiral on a diy website, you can find it here  . I found it so cool that i told my hubby that we have to do it too. Its not the same as on the website.
We added the cardboard at the bottom.We used wood to create the spiral. We added compost inside the spiral.
We planted: lemongrass, chamomile, thyme, lemon thyme, pansies, oregano, basil, mint, flowers - to bring it a bit of colour
there it is:

 planted a yucca as well :)
Nice weather is back and i was able to take some lovely pictures of my veggie garden. Happy to share them with you.
As we are like rabbits, we love to eat fresh greens such as lettuce and salad, tomatoes and courgette we added them all to our veggie square. We all know that fresh veggies are good for our health and the more the merrier.
So happy to see that all of them are growing and soon we will start enjoying the results of our labour. yummy
I know two little girls who will munch on the cherry tomatoes, picking them right from the plant as soon as they are ready to be eaten.

Happy gardening!


Stay healthy and  beautiful :)

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